50 Fun and Easy Summertime Activities for Toddlers

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your little ones with these summertime activities for toddlers!

As a mom of two little ones (and one not-so-little-one), I know how important it is to keep them entertained and engaged during the summer months.

If you’ve been trying to limit screen time and focus on experiences, here are 50 fun and easy summertime activities for toddlers that you can enjoy together!

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At Home Summertime Activities for Toddlers

These activities for toddlers are not only fun and easy, but they also promote creativity, imagination, and physical activity – and the best part is that they don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Many of these activities can be done with items you already have at home or with a little creativity and resourcefulness.

  1. Play with sidewalk chalk and draw pictures or hopscotch

We go through a LOT of chalk around here! I love writing out the alphabet and numbers 1-20 while my toddler sings and counts.

2. Have a backyard scavenger hunt

Who says hunts are only for Easter? I like to hide toys in the backyard and then play “Colder, Hotter” while my kiddo searches for her prize.

summertime activities for toddlers

3. Set up a small inflatable pool in the backyard

I thought these were useless until we got one! The whole family has fun splashing around and it makes the summer sun much more bearable for all of us.

This is the one we have right now from Amazon!

4. Play with bubbles and see who can blow the biggest one

My daughter got two lawn mower bubble machines for her birthday, haha! We turn both of them on and run through them like a sprinkler of bubbles.

It’s also fun to get a hula hoop and put bubble mix in the kiddie pool! Mega bubbles, anyone?I

5. Create an obstacle course with household items like hula hoops and cones

When you’re done making mega bubbles, you can use the hula hoop and kiddie pool as part of an obstacle course! Your little ones will love running and jumping around. And then they’ll be ready for a long nap time. You’re welcome 🙂

6. Have a backyard campout and make s’mores

If you live somewhere it stays 100 degrees even at night, check out this indoor s’more making kit! We love ours – and my husband loves not melting around a fire during the summer even more haha.

7. Play catch or kick a ball around

My little girl loves kicking around a ball outside, and she laughs so hard when she goes to pick it up and accidentally kicks it again!

8. Set up an outdoor art station with paint and brushes

Water color paints are our favorite! You can also get chalk wet and “paint” your driveway & sidewalk

9. Have a backyard movie night with a projector and blankets

It’s too hot to camp in the summer where we live, but after the sun goes down it’s nice to turn on a fan in the backyard and watch a movie!

10. Play in the sprinkler on a hot day

I remember running through a sprinkler as a kid, and it’s so fun to watch my kids do the same now!

11. Have a family game of hide-and-seek

Just pretend not to see your toddler when she covers her face with a toy and thinks she’s hidden hahaha

12. Set up a small obstacle course with pillows and cushions

We totally stole this idea from Bluey, but I think that’s why my kids like it so much!

13. Play with Play-Doh outside (or anywhere there isn’t carpet!)

14. Have a mini olympics with different events like throwing a ball the farthest, a race around the playground, or who can do the most jumping jacks

Bonus activity: have everyone make their own medal during craft time!

15. Have a dance party in the backyard

We turn on Danny Go! Songs on Spotify and I am really glad our backyard has a fence around it haha! Mama gets into the Wiggle Dance song.

16. Go on a nature scavenger hunt and look for leaves, rocks, and other natural items

Your kids are going to pick them up anyway, right?! Might as well make a game out of it.

17. Have a water balloon fight

We play with crocheted “water balloons” that my MIL made so there’s no huge plastic mess for me to clean up afterwards…

18. Play with sensory bins filled with rice

We like to hide dinosaur toys in the rice and dig them out with measuring cups

This is always an outdoor activity for us, with a gigantic blanket underneath so that we can reuse most of the rice next time

19. Make homemade popsicles with fresh fruit juice

You can blend up fruit and use just the juice, or include fruit pieces depending on what your kiddos like

20. Set up a small mini-golf course in the backyard

Kicking balls towards little X’s made out of tap totally counts. Ask me how I know.

21. Have a backyard puppet show

Old socks and colored sharpies have never been more fun – Sock puppets for the win!

22. Play with toy cars in a homemade race track

You could also have the cars go through the obstacle course your kids made before!

23. Have a family karaoke party in the backyard

We don’t have a karaoke machine, but we play music on our phones and use whatever is laying around for a microphone ?

24. Set up a small petting zoo with stuffed animals

Another idea we got from Bluey! My daughter loves acting like a gorilla now haha

25. Make homemade bird feeders and watch the birds come to eat

My toddler loves helping me mix sugar and water and then watching the hummingbirds zoom around our yard.

26. Have a backyard science experiment. Mentos & Diet Coke is our favorite!

27. Play with a water table and plastic toys

We took the legs off of this water table because my daughter kept climbing into it, haha! It still works just as well on the ground 🙂

28. Have a family yoga session in the backyard

Sometimes we do yoga, sometimes it turns into a giant game of “pile on mom”. Either way, it’s fun!

29. Set up a small carnival with games like ring toss and bean bag toss

The best part about this is you don’t end up taking home goldfish…

30. Have a backyard tea party with stuffed animals

Just don’t use water for your tea unless you want wet animals.

summertime activities for toddlers

31. Play with toy trucks in a homemade construction site

My daughter loves any excuse to play in dirt! Since we’re outside anyway, I just let her play with the hose afterwards to clean up

32. Play with watercolors for a painting session and practice mixing colors.

Our papers usually end up brown by the end haha

33. Draw on a ceramic plate with dry erase markers and then pour water on top. The drawings come loose and float!

34. Have a backyard concert and play instruments together

My daughter spends so much time with this xylophone!

On-the-Go Summertime Activities for Toddlers

If you get a little stir-crazy staying at home all the time, it can feel great to get out and visit kid-friendly places around your city.

This is a great way to meet new moms, too. It’s so nice to watch the kiddos play and have conversations with other adults.

35. Visit a local splash pad or water park

Look for places with a separate “Little Kids” area so that your toddlers can run around without getting run over!

36. Have a picnic in the park

My daughter loves helping cook food – even if that cooking is just putting together sandwiches and dropping juice boxes in our picnic basket!

summertime activities for toddlers

37. Go on a hike or nature walk and look for bugs and butterflies

Is there anything kids love more than chasing butterflies and birds outside?!

You could also look for a Butterfly House to visit if you want something indoor/outdoor.

38. Fly a kite in the park

Is there anything better to do on a windy day?! We love these kites with long tails!

39. Visit a local farmer’s market and pick out fresh fruits and veggies

Our city has a farmer’s market every Saturday morning. Go early to beat the heat and get the best selection!

40. Set up a small garden and plant seeds together

One of the best things we did was plant herbs we use frequently right around our grill outside. It’s so fun to pick a handful and add them to a dish we’re making.

41. Have a bike ride around the neighborhood

If your little one is too small to ride their own bike, pick up a toddler trailer like this one so they can still enjoy bike rides with the family!

42. Visit a farm

You may even be able to grab some local eggs while you’re there! My daughter even got to hold a chicken once

43. Visit a local park and try out different playground equipment

Ask around to see if there are parks with sun shades and splash pads near you! 

44. Visit a local beach or lake and build sandcastles

You don’t need fancy beach toys, kids love using Tupperware and measuring cups to play in the sand!

45. Visit a local botanical garden or nature center

A lot of places have classes for kids during the summer!

46. Visit a local museum

When you need a break from the heat, museums are a great option! Most so some kind of summer program for the kids

47. Visit a local zoo and see all the animals

We like to get there as soon as the Zoo opens so the animals are all awake. I never knew how wide my daughter’s eyes could get until we heard the lion roar.

48. Visit a local aquarium and see all the sea creatures

My kids have so much fun at the aquarium! I do feel a little bad about the touch tanks after watching Finding Dory, though haha

49. Visit a local Arboretum and learn about different plants and animals

Look at their website for activities, Our arboretum does dragonfly walks where they teach kids all about the different bugs they see outside!

50. Visit an indoor playground for toddlers

Just one more inside activity for those extra hot days ? A lot of gymnastics facilities will do Open Gyms during the summer, where kids can just play around and have fun! We’ve also been to Toddler-specific indoor playgrounds that

Those are our top 50 fun activities for toddlers in the summertime!

summertime activities for toddlers

No matter which activity you choose, remember to have fun and enjoy the summer with your little ones.

They won’t be this little forever, so soak up every moment and create lasting memories together. Happy summer!

If you have other summertime activities that you love, share them in the comments ☺️

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